Juliet Wheater



What are the 5 words that best describe you?

Passionate, loyal, kind, sisterly, ambitious.

Which publications online and offline do you enjoy reading and why?

I love to read The Guardian, Red, Marie Claire, British Vogue (and their online sites too) and of course lots of lifestyle blogs. Creative heroes include Marie Forleo, Seth Godin (who I had the privilege of interviewing recently) and Oprah of course.

Who is your target audience?

As it’s a personal blog which follows my own life, my audience are naturally similar to me, women aged 30+ who tend to be mothers. Increasingly more men also read my blog of late and the age group of both is usually 27-45.  My biggest audience is the UK, followed by the US, Australia and the rest of the world.

What are your working on currently?

I’ve just handed in the first draft to my book #Mumboss which is out in March 2018 (published by Piatkus/Little Brown). It’s a manifesto on how to survive and thrive at work and at home. I’ve also joined forces with several global brands on incredibly exciting campaigns.

What has been your best career moment?

Oh wow, I feel lucky to have had lots of ‘pinch me’ moments to date, from getting my book deal to collaborating with people I admire like Jamie Oliver and Antonio Carluccio to having my own Mumboss playlist on Virgin EMI’s Spotify page and becoming an ambassador for Herbal Essences UK. My greatest career moments are honesty every single day I write and share online. The freedom and democracy of the internet is a gift to us all. It is a tool which allows us to create and instantly share. My mission is to help and hopefully inspire others.

Who inspires you?

The heroes listed above. My tight knit group of friends and family who are the most generous, kind and clever humans. Tina Fey. Sheryl Sandberg. Meryl Streep. Empowered women who empower women.

Where are you happiest?

With my family anywhere in the world. As long as I have my little team, I’m happy.

Who would be your number one dinner guest be and why? (they can be past or present)

So hard. Martin Scorsese or Steven Spielberg. I’m a filmmaker as well as a blogger and vlogger and whilst I met Martin at the Cannes Film Festival a few years back, we didn’t get long to speak. I would love to pick those guys’ brains. Creative geniuses or what?!

If you had to ask Scarlett PR one question what would it be?

What’s been more craziest experience you’ve had in the hotel industry yet?

Juliet reflects and recalls…..I would say the craziest episode was when we launched a new 5 star property in Vienna – The Ring Hotel. The client wasn’t frightened to make an entrance that’s for sure.

We had an evening light show, that followed three stunt men abseiling down the exterior of the hotel! One had the key to the front door, who then presented it to the hotel’s owner. We and the press that accompanied us, were all let inside to party the night away!! Bedrooms had baths filled with champagne etc – those were the days!

Vicki is founder of honestmum.com, one of the biggest lifestyle and parenting blogs, worldwide. Her book #Mumboss is out in March 2018. 


Every business needs exposure, for potential customers to know of it, trust it, purchase from it and inform their friends of it! PR is about creating content and managing communications, in whatever format it is.

Unfortunately PR seems to have a reputation for being sometimes costly but here we list easy actions that any small to medium sized business can do in-house.

Start a blog! Be sure to write posts that your ideal customer or client cares about. Problem solve and include words or phrases that their industry uses. Key words for example, which they are likely to search.

Create a graphic of a favourite quote or the business owners own image, with a logo and share to social media.

Create a branded video and share it to all your social media platforms.

Offer something substantial and relevant for free. Provide prospects with a useful report or white paper, thus demonstrating your industry expertise.

Comment on someone else’s blog or social media post and add your own perspective on the subject matter. Add helpful hashtags which may have been omitted in the original tweet.

Update your Linkedin Profile details and don’t forget to add an engaging image of yourself.

Update your Facebook Profile with further text under the cover picture and profile images. People generally click on images and many forget that this text space is available!

Share a useful tip via Facebook Live – schedule it regularly with a title such as: Wisdom Wednesday or Fact Friday.

Take an image of your workspace and share on Instagram. Potential clients go through a Like, Trust and Buy process, so showcasing where you work helps confirm this ‘getting to know’ the supplier aspect to business.

Create a Linkedin and Twitter list of people to watch. Competitors for instance and you can even keep your own identify anonymous from this handpicked list!

Call new business prospects – cold call emails are dead!

Check those which have something to celebrate on Linkedin and engage with them.

Make sure you connect with someone you met in person and arrange to meet for a coffee.

Book networking events you wish to attend each month and share to the network, which events you’ll be signing up for.

Message a client, enquiring after a testimonial via Linkedin.

Turn testimonial into a graphic and share on social media / website.

Check your social media analytics and learn the best time to post and in time, you’ll come to identify and understand which posts work best for your business.

List industry FAQ’s and turn this conversation into blog and social media posts.

Take part in regular Twitter Hours every week. For example: Scarlett PR & Marketing works with a cross section of hotels, restaurants & spas so you’ll find us tweeting on a Monday 8pm- 9pm with #NorthEastHour on a Tuesday 8pm-9pm with #HampshireHour with #WeddingHour taking place from 9pm-1pm on a Wednesday etc

Finally, be sure to be consistent – schedule your social media presence regularly.

Should you seek assistance with social media strategy, content and scheduling speak to Scarlett PR:

Tel: 01372 200 111


Twitter @ScarlettPRLoves



Case Study – Jesmond Dene House

Scarlett PR & Marketing raise brand awareness for hotels, restaurants & spas to increase sales and therefore, often work with Country House Hotels who offer this ‘fine dining retreat experience’ for the weekender. Read one such case study, which had the added twist of a fine country house hotel, being uniquely located near to a large city!

ExteriorBedrooms (3) (640x428)
Scarlett PR won a four way pitch for the Jesmond Dene House account. The brief was to emphasise the unique location of the Arts & Crafts property, in that it is a stunning Country House Hotel but is also very near to the bustling, cosmopolitan quay side city of Newcastle. Messages were to include: the unstuffiness and service flexibility of its 3 AA Rosette Restaurant, the luxury accommodation that it offers the business person and leisure weekender. Ultimately to establish the property
as the only independent boutique hotel in Newcastle.

Scarlett PR developed several press releases to attract differing genres of publication. A mini moon release demonstrated to the bridal press for example, the unique and luxurious guest rooms, one being roof top with a private terrace! Foodie releases such as: Champagne Breakfast (to coincide with the new house champagne) was picked up and reviewed by many local award winning blogs and local glossies. An Afternoon Tea release saw the hotel being noted in ‘Britain’s Best Afternoon Tea’s by The Daily Telegraph and ‘Cosiest Afternoon Tea’s with The Times. Scarlett PR has also led a successful campaign with Visit Britain’s New York office when United Airlines introduced a new route from New York to Newcastle and the Rugby World Cup games at St James’ Park were exploited for editorial
purposes also!


Through its representation by Scarlett PR, Jesmond Dene House has increased its brand awareness and now regularly features within the national and glossy press such as: The Times, Daily Mail, Daily Express, The Financial Times, The Guardian’s Weekend magazine, The Sunday Times magazine, Fabulous magazine, Smooth Radio, Olive magazine, Director magazine, You & Your Wedding, Perfect Wedding, Huffington Post, Sainsbury’s magazine, Woman & Home magazine, Woman magazine, OK! magazine, as well as key regional press such as: Manchester Evening News, The Yorkshire Post and Wales on Sunday etc. The vast majority of journalist visits now showcase their stays in ‘real time’ via social media, with editorial reviews and their devised website links, now regularly being shared also.
Latest awards include: North East England ‘Small Hotel of the Year’ and Trip Advisors’s Certificate of Excellence for the 5th year in a row as well as within their Top 25 UK Hotels. Having retained Scarlett PR for the past few years, the owner comments ‘ I believe your work has had a significant positive impact’. Our efforts show percentage increases in turnover being 6.6 (2014) and 8.4 (2015).

For positive brand exposure, do contact Scarlett PR & Marketing 

Tel: 01372 200 111 / hello@scarlettpr.co.uk / @ScarlettPRLoves 


logo K ReigateTCR - Black Transp - Copy


For all your conference and business needs in the heart of Surrey.

Reigate Manor, a traditional hotel in the heart of Surrey provides the perfect venue for conferences and business meetings, as well as family celebrations and parties.

The property which sits at the top of the historic Surrey market town of affluent Reigate, is easily accessible from the M25 and is a mere 8 miles from Gatwick Airport, with 130 spaces on arrival for complimentary car parking.

img_8346jpg_34279145106_o img_8381jpg_33935851410_o

Reigate Manor offers private dining rooms, meeting rooms and larger conference facilities for anything from a corporate drinks reception, larger business meetings and networking sessions, to AGM’s alike. (Corporate rooms offer seating from 10 guests up to 200 delegates)

The six function suites and a large grand ballroom, lend themselves for wedding receptions, civil marriages and glamorous dinner dances.

The hotel’s latest offering is that of an exciting event space, The Cellar Rooms. With its own private entrance, this multi-functional venue, presents a combination of traditional and contemporary décor to this striking and flexible space.

Launch of The Cellar Rooms – Thurs 15th June, 5.30pm – 7.30pm for post work drinks, showcases and networking. 

The private entrance offers a nostalgic ‘speakeasy’ aspect to the venue before opening up to reveal a beautifully refurbished and spacious event space. This immediate space is ideal as a dance floor, for private dining or an intimate wedding reception of 6 tables. The bar looks out to this area and boasts beautiful stained oak and copper rivet detail.

There is a small stage area near to the bar, ideal for a host or ‘master of services’ to welcome their guests or where a comedian might perform. This area is to be used to facilitate wine & gin tasting sessions and is also useful for a delegate ‘break out session’ and where refreshments are served.

Adjacent to this main area is the wow factor! The VIP section has been expertly designed and boasts an indulgent, large rich red velvet booth with a glamourous low lit chandelier.

The meeting room has been inspired by the famous local Reigate Caves and showcases such caves in its wallpaper! A comfortable space, for up to 16 delegates, equipped with the latest tech and natural light, it’s a first class meetings space, where business is a pleasure.

Reigate Manor Hotel, Reigate Hill, Reigate, Surrey RH2 9PF


For further information or to join us at The Cellar Rooms launch party on the evening of Thursday 15th June, please contact the Press Office: 

Scarlett PR & Marketing

Tel: 01372 200 111

hello@scarlettpr.co.uk / @ScarlettPRLoves


Serenity Seekers – Galgorm Resort & Spa invites you to sample their new Quartz Sand Bed

Galgorm Resort & Spa, Northern Ireland’s premier luxury hotel and spa, set within 163 acres of lush parkland, are delighted to present to Ireland, their state of the art Quartz Room. This new treatment room within the world class spa, houses a state of the art quartz bed for which two new quartz sand therapy treatments, have been developed.


This remarkable new concept in spa treatment tables, the MLX Quartz, uses a base of alpha-quartz sand, which is warmed to the desired temperature, generally 107 degrees. Derived from the ancient Greek concept of ‘psammotherapy’ (hot sand therapy) MLX Quartz is the modern version of a unique treatment which is guaranteed to not only dissolve tension but it also has proven therapeutic benefits for anyone suffering with rheumatic and muscular conditions. These benefits include improved circulation and metabolism as well as stimulation of the lymphatic and immune systems.

The quartz massage dates back to the 1980’s when Rita Blum was one of many German’s on holiday on the Italian island of Ischia. She took a ‘sand bath’ and afterwards exclaimed that she felt ‘newborn’. She and her husband decided to introduce sand therapy to Germany and her husband built a prototype. The couple soon established a company and sold the sand-baths across Germany. The Gharieni Group, a manufacturer of high-end spa equipment recruited the Blums and together they created the multifunctional MLX Quartz, which Galgorm Resort & Spa exclusively launches to Ireland during April 2017.


As the spa goer reclines, warm sand (alpha sand ethically sourced from Bavaria, Germany) flows and envelopes around the contours of the body, helping to detoxify the body whilst promoting a deeper state of relaxation. The sand warms the body uniformly, helping relieve musculoskeletal and arthritic pain.

There is also a metaphysical aspect to this particularly treatment. Endorsed by celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Katy Perry, who are understood to carry crystals in their handbags, guests to Galgorm’s Spa can also benefit from their healing energy.  In alternative healing, quartz crystals are thought to be able to naturally cleanse and rebalance the body’s ‘chakras’ or natural energy centres. This cleansing, rebalancing effect can be amplified with the use of sound.

Therefore, The Spa at Galgorm bring to their guests, the benefits of singing bowls, to further provide a truly unique, beautiful and therapeutic spa experience. The normalising electromagnetic activity of the quartz and celestial vibrations of the metal bowls, stimulate movement and the balancing of patterns on every level of being – energetic, physical and mental.

The addition of singing bowls include such benefits as:

Meditative, purifying and rejuvenating. Stress reduction through deep relaxation and endorphin release. Liberates emotional traumas locked within the subconscious.

Enhances the body’s own self-healing response / Activates self-healing mechanisms within the body. Harmonizes the aura.

Promotes deeper sleep. Provides relief from headaches, fatigue, insomnia, digestive disorders, menstrual pain and emotional imbalances. Removes blockages.

Galgorm Resort & Spa which promotes natural wellness, is delighted to launch this new concept, the first of its kind in Ireland and offers the choice of two massages which have been created specifically for their guests. (The introductory rate below, is available until the end of May 2017).

90 Minute Quartz Serenity Signature Ritual – £100 midweek / £120 during weekends

Visualise yourself on a warm sandy beach as you relax on to our MLX Quartz treatment bed. Feel your tension dissolving as your therapist cocoons you in warm quartz stones. Singing bowls begin your journey into deeper relaxation as the vibrations increase positive energy within your body. Your treatment continues with blissful top to toe hot quartz poultice massage in which the quartz bed will be titled to increase circulation and boost your immune system followed by further singing bowl meditation concludes your experience leaving you feeling rebalanced and restored.

60 Minute Maine Quartz Back Therapy – £70 midweek / £75 during weekends

Focusing on the upper body, this powerful treatment begins within singing bowl meditation to induce a deeper state of relaxation before your muscle melting hot quartz poultice back and neck massage. On turning over the quartz bed will be titled to increase your circulation whilst you enjoy an energising chest, neck, and scalp massage followed by pressure point facial massage. Singing bowls conclude your treatment to evoke positive vibrations within your body to leave you feeling revitalised and renewed.


Galgorm Resort & Spa, 136 Fenaghy Road, Ballymena, Co. Antrim, BT42 1EA

www.galgorm.com / @GalgormResort

For further information, images or to review the treatment, please contact the Press Office:


Tel: 01372 200 111



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Scarlett PR spa client secured to speak at Professional Beauty Show Belfast

Professional Beauty produces market leading events, conferences, magazines and awards. The home of beauty, spa and wellness and we welcome the industry powerhouse to Belfast this Summer.


Northern Ireland’s only trade event for beauty and spa professionals will make its return to Belfast Waterfront on 11th June 2017. #PBBelfast

The PB Live Stage will host inspiring talks and demonstrations covering the latest trends and techniques to help boost business and client to Scarlett PR & Marketing, Lyndsay Hegarty of Galgorm Resort & Spa is delighted to be an expert guest speaker at the event.

The Live Stage Programme is now available online at www.professionalbeauty.co.uk and Lyndsay, an award winning spa therapist is due to speak at 4pm with her talk entitled ‘Popular Treatments & Spa Trends’.


Other experts on the day, will offer advice on how to make the most out of social media, tips to make your salon more profitable and share spring/summer and bridal make-up trends and the latest nail techniques!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to empower your business with expert advice and live demonstrations, all under the same roof. See you there!

Not forgetting that the Professional Beauty Regional Awards, fast approach their deadline for entries – you have until Thurs 11th May 2017. Be quick!


For further information about the show or to find out how Scarlett PR & Marketing can help raise brand awareness for your spa, do contact us on, Tel: 01372 200 111