Every business needs exposure, for potential customers to know of it, trust it, purchase from it and inform their friends of it! PR is about creating content and managing communications, in whatever format it is.

Unfortunately PR seems to have a reputation for being sometimes costly but here we list easy actions that any small to medium sized business can do in-house.

Start a blog! Be sure to write posts that your ideal customer or client cares about. Problem solve and include words or phrases that their industry uses. Key words for example, which they are likely to search.

Create a graphic of a favourite quote or the business owners own image, with a logo and share to social media.

Create a branded video and share it to all your social media platforms.

Offer something substantial and relevant for free. Provide prospects with a useful report or white paper, thus demonstrating your industry expertise.

Comment on someone else’s blog or social media post and add your own perspective on the subject matter. Add helpful hashtags which may have been omitted in the original tweet.

Update your Linkedin Profile details and don’t forget to add an engaging image of yourself.

Update your Facebook Profile with further text under the cover picture and profile images. People generally click on images and many forget that this text space is available!

Share a useful tip via Facebook Live – schedule it regularly with a title such as: Wisdom Wednesday or Fact Friday.

Take an image of your workspace and share on Instagram. Potential clients go through a Like, Trust and Buy process, so showcasing where you work helps confirm this ‘getting to know’ the supplier aspect to business.

Create a Linkedin and Twitter list of people to watch. Competitors for instance and you can even keep your own identify anonymous from this handpicked list!

Call new business prospects – cold call emails are dead!

Check those which have something to celebrate on Linkedin and engage with them.

Make sure you connect with someone you met in person and arrange to meet for a coffee.

Book networking events you wish to attend each month and share to the network, which events you’ll be signing up for.

Message a client, enquiring after a testimonial via Linkedin.

Turn testimonial into a graphic and share on social media / website.

Check your social media analytics and learn the best time to post and in time, you’ll come to identify and understand which posts work best for your business.

List industry FAQ’s and turn this conversation into blog and social media posts.

Take part in regular Twitter Hours every week. For example: Scarlett PR & Marketing works with a cross section of hotels, restaurants & spas so you’ll find us tweeting on a Monday 8pm- 9pm with #NorthEastHour on a Tuesday 8pm-9pm with #HampshireHour with #WeddingHour taking place from 9pm-1pm on a Wednesday etc

Finally, be sure to be consistent – schedule your social media presence regularly.

Should you seek assistance with social media strategy, content and scheduling speak to Scarlett PR:

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