Serenity Seekers – Galgorm Resort & Spa invites you to sample their new Quartz Sand Bed

Galgorm Resort & Spa, Northern Ireland’s premier luxury hotel and spa, set within 163 acres of lush parkland, are delighted to present to Ireland, their state of the art Quartz Room. This new treatment room within the world class spa, houses a state of the art quartz bed for which two new quartz sand therapy treatments, have been developed.


This remarkable new concept in spa treatment tables, the MLX Quartz, uses a base of alpha-quartz sand, which is warmed to the desired temperature, generally 107 degrees. Derived from the ancient Greek concept of ‘psammotherapy’ (hot sand therapy) MLX Quartz is the modern version of a unique treatment which is guaranteed to not only dissolve tension but it also has proven therapeutic benefits for anyone suffering with rheumatic and muscular conditions. These benefits include improved circulation and metabolism as well as stimulation of the lymphatic and immune systems.

The quartz massage dates back to the 1980’s when Rita Blum was one of many German’s on holiday on the Italian island of Ischia. She took a ‘sand bath’ and afterwards exclaimed that she felt ‘newborn’. She and her husband decided to introduce sand therapy to Germany and her husband built a prototype. The couple soon established a company and sold the sand-baths across Germany. The Gharieni Group, a manufacturer of high-end spa equipment recruited the Blums and together they created the multifunctional MLX Quartz, which Galgorm Resort & Spa exclusively launches to Ireland during April 2017.


As the spa goer reclines, warm sand (alpha sand ethically sourced from Bavaria, Germany) flows and envelopes around the contours of the body, helping to detoxify the body whilst promoting a deeper state of relaxation. The sand warms the body uniformly, helping relieve musculoskeletal and arthritic pain.

There is also a metaphysical aspect to this particularly treatment. Endorsed by celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Katy Perry, who are understood to carry crystals in their handbags, guests to Galgorm’s Spa can also benefit from their healing energy.  In alternative healing, quartz crystals are thought to be able to naturally cleanse and rebalance the body’s ‘chakras’ or natural energy centres. This cleansing, rebalancing effect can be amplified with the use of sound.

Therefore, The Spa at Galgorm bring to their guests, the benefits of singing bowls, to further provide a truly unique, beautiful and therapeutic spa experience. The normalising electromagnetic activity of the quartz and celestial vibrations of the metal bowls, stimulate movement and the balancing of patterns on every level of being – energetic, physical and mental.

The addition of singing bowls include such benefits as:

Meditative, purifying and rejuvenating. Stress reduction through deep relaxation and endorphin release. Liberates emotional traumas locked within the subconscious.

Enhances the body’s own self-healing response / Activates self-healing mechanisms within the body. Harmonizes the aura.

Promotes deeper sleep. Provides relief from headaches, fatigue, insomnia, digestive disorders, menstrual pain and emotional imbalances. Removes blockages.

Galgorm Resort & Spa which promotes natural wellness, is delighted to launch this new concept, the first of its kind in Ireland and offers the choice of two massages which have been created specifically for their guests. (The introductory rate below, is available until the end of May 2017).

90 Minute Quartz Serenity Signature Ritual – £100 midweek / £120 during weekends

Visualise yourself on a warm sandy beach as you relax on to our MLX Quartz treatment bed. Feel your tension dissolving as your therapist cocoons you in warm quartz stones. Singing bowls begin your journey into deeper relaxation as the vibrations increase positive energy within your body. Your treatment continues with blissful top to toe hot quartz poultice massage in which the quartz bed will be titled to increase circulation and boost your immune system followed by further singing bowl meditation concludes your experience leaving you feeling rebalanced and restored.

60 Minute Maine Quartz Back Therapy – £70 midweek / £75 during weekends

Focusing on the upper body, this powerful treatment begins within singing bowl meditation to induce a deeper state of relaxation before your muscle melting hot quartz poultice back and neck massage. On turning over the quartz bed will be titled to increase your circulation whilst you enjoy an energising chest, neck, and scalp massage followed by pressure point facial massage. Singing bowls conclude your treatment to evoke positive vibrations within your body to leave you feeling revitalised and renewed.


Galgorm Resort & Spa, 136 Fenaghy Road, Ballymena, Co. Antrim, BT42 1EA / @GalgormResort

For further information, images or to review the treatment, please contact the Press Office:


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